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Residential Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Bright Side Painting provides professional residential and commercial, interior and exterior painting services in the Vancouver area. Whether you need a single washroom painted or your entire home, Bright Side's professional painters are sure to get the job done to your satisfaction.

At Bright Side Painting our main goal is to help you make your house a home, while being conscious of our footprint on the environment.

As a newer business in Vancouver, we realize the importance of establishing and building a solid reputation as professional, punctual, tidy and skilled painters.

We would love to have the opportunity to impress you and make your home look beautiful. It is our goal that every client will happily refer us to their friends and family.

interior painting services by bright side painting

Interior Painting

Refresh your interior and update the colours of your home!

exterior painting services by bright side painting

Exterior Painting

Protect your home from Vancouver's climate with thorough preparation and high quality paint products

We care about the environment

The Environment

We use high quality, low VOC paints and reduce, reuse and recycle our painting supplies.

Interior Painting Services

At Bright Side Painting, when it comes to painting your home, we have you covered! When painting interiors, we will cover all floors and your belongings with drop sheets and plastic (where required).


We will remove faceplates from electrical sockets, fill holes and scrapes in the walls, and remove and replace caulking when needed. If the walls are especially dirty, such as in your kitchen or washroom, we will do a TSP wash before painting.


Once the room is prepped for painting, Bright Side's painters will typically apply two coats of paint.

Unless otherwise requested by the client during our estimate, Bright Side Painting uses low VOC Dulux LifeMaster paint to ensure quality of finished product and to respect your family's health and the environment. With little odor and a strong commitment to the environment, we at Bright Side Painting feel confident in using this brand of paint as an eco-friendly choice.

Bright Side Painting offers interior painting services in the Vancouver area

Exterior Painting Services

Making sure your exterior paint job withstands Vancouver's range of weather is the most important part of our job when painting the exterior of your home.


Before we paint, we will prep the outside of your home by removing failing paint, cleaning dirty surfaces and priming and sealing bare wood or metal.

We will pressure wash, scrape loose paint, sand rough edges smooth, remove and replace caulking and prime where needed it's needed.


Drop sheets are used on all ground areas and surrounding outdoor furniture and fixtures. Only after your home is fully prepped will we apply two coats of the best quality Dulux paints.

All of our staff are fully trained on safety requirements on the job. And we give you peace of mind with two million of liability insurance and WorkSafeBC coverage.

Exterior Painting Services

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Bright Side Painting, we understand that painting is not always an environmentally friendly trade. However, we maintain the highest level of environmental friendliness during all of our projects.

We limit and reuse plastic whenever possible.We refrain from using excess materials and we reuse our brushes, roller sleeves and tray linersmultiple times to reduce waste.

Our biggest concern is the paint that we use. We use environmentally friendly, low VOC and VOC free paints from Dulux or Sherwin Williams on all of our projects.

Why should I care if my painter uses low VOC paint?

VOC's, or Volatile Organic Compounds are nasty chemical compounds that are released into the air by paint (that is not VOC free.) They cause air pollution and all kinds of health issues, including cancer and kidney and liver damage.

People used to think that we needed VOC's in paint for it to adhere properly, but these days, companies have developed many Low VOC and VOC-free options.

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